About Markus Rutz

Markus Rutz plays the trumpet with a bluesy, soulful style and a tone that has been called gorgeous. He composes and performs music from his home base in Chicago, Illinois.

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Markus Rutz. Photo by John Nicholls.

Markus Rutz. Photo by John Nicholls.

 For over three decades, the musical discoveries continue for Chicago-born jazz composer and trumpeter, Markus Rutz. 

 As described by Downbeat’s J.D. Considine, with his “big, dark tone and a fluid ease to his phrasing,” trumpet player, composer and bandleader, Markus regularly delights audiences in venues throughout his hometown and across the United States.

 In same spirit as his dynamic live performances, his recent Blueprints project is the most recent relase in two volumes.  The majority of the album comprised of his own compositions with new works that range from duet to sextet incorporating styles with Cuban percussion, ballad, bop, West Coast Cool and swing.

 Markus began trumpet at the age of nine. His post-secondary musical studies took him to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Berklee College of Music and the University of New Orleans where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

 Forever exploring the bounds of jazz, Markus continues to teach, compose and perform with top musicians from around the globe.  Open-minded and curious, his musical journey benefits from all that is new and unexpected, courtesy of his global collaborators.

 Contact Markus at markusrutzmusic for performance, composition, albums and engagement inquiries.