Blueprints Figure 1: Frameworks

Blueprints Figure 1: Frameworks


  • Markus Rutz (trumpet)
  • Brice Winston (tenor saxophone)
  • Adrian Ruiz (piano)
  • Marcos Varela (bass)
  • Heitor Garcia (congas) on track 3
  • Xavier Breaker (drums) on tracks 1, 5 & 7
  • Marcus Evans (drums) on tracks 6 & 9


Blueprints Figure 1: Frameworks will be a new release with Origin Records!  

Pre-release copies are available in early August with the release date of September 20th!!

Brice Winston - saxophonist for 15 years with the Terrence Blanchard band is featured guest on Blueprints.  

Also featured are New York City bassist Marcos Varela and drummer Xavier Breaker who is presently with the Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio.

This album navigates diverse ensemble and stylistic directions. 

From duet to sextet with selections incorporating Cuban percussion, ballads and of course, swing; the performances create sensations of intrigue, beauty and excitement.

Other great musicians on the record are: Adrian Ruiz - piano; Heitor Garcia - congas; Matt Gold - guitar & Marcus Evans - drums

John Bishop from Origin worked with me on album design. 

The cover is a drawing of an actual invention by Gunnar Adolfson.  The inventor was a gentleman from Chicago who is also grandfather of musician and studio owner Steve Gillis at Transient Sound where the music for my album was recorded. 

The mixing is from The Samurai Hotel by David Stoller.

Kevin Blackler handled the mastering process.