Blueprints One: Frameworks

Origin Records, 2020

Blueprints One: Frameworks


  • Markus Rutz - trumpet
  • Brice Winston - saxophones
  • Adrian Ruiz - piano
  • Matt Gold - guitar
  • Marcos Varela - bass
  • Xavier Breaker - drums (1,5,7)
  • Marcus Evans - drums (6,9)
  • Heitor Garcia - congas

CD Tracks

  1. The Compass
  2. The Musicianer
  3. Gusto, as in Mucho
  4. Very Marie
  5. Limbo
  6. September in the Rain
  7. Syndrome
  8. Shipmates
  9. Segment
  • Composed by Markus Rutz, except: (5) Wayne Shorter (6) Harry Warren (7) Ellis Marsalis (9) Charlie Parker

Press Quotes

Rutz's horn is warm and embracing in each setting, glistening on the more Spartan themes, making the various colors and textures presented here woven like a Raphael tapestry.  

- George W. Harris Jazz Weekly

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....Rutz's deep-toned horn creates the intimate ambiance for the entire album, making it an enjoyable and easy listening experience.... It was Rutz's delivery on the ballad "Very Marie" that made me think of Hargrove. Rutz, here, waxes lyrical in a way I hadn't heard since Roy visited Chicago his last time. ....Rutz and Winston play a lot in tandem during their time together here, and that teamwork is meshed adroitly with Winston's full-bodied soloing on the hard bop "Limbo" and another tribute song, "Syndrome," this time remembering the late patriarch Ellis Marsalis. 

- Jeff Cebulski Chicago Jazz Magazine


The album navigates diverse ensemble and stylistic directions. From duet to sextet with selections incorporating Cuban percussion, ballads and of course, swing; the performances create sensations of intrigue, beauty and excitement.

Music licensing for Blueprints from Audiosocket

The mixing is from The Samurai Hotel by David Stoller.  Kevin Blackler handled the mastering process.