It's Cooler by the Lake

2012, self released

It's Cooler by the Lake


  • Markus Rutz - trumpet, 
  • Isaiah Spencer - drums,
  • Charles Rick Heath - drums,
  • Dennis Luxion and Ron Perrillo - piano,
  • Jeff Pedraz - bass,
  • Christian Dillingham - bass,
  • Chris Madsen - tenor saxophone.


It's Cooler by The Lake is a recording of original music composed by Markus Rutz. The tunes represent writing by the trumpet player from time as early as his late teens up through the years of the three recording projects that comprise the album. It is the debut recording named for the phrase often reported in weather report broadcasts from Chicago with temperatures near Lake Michigan lower compared to more inland areas of the metropolis.

There are eight selections recorded featuring a few moods and styles. A straight ahead "Figure 8" opens the record followed by three blues inspired pieces - The Sandbar 12 Bar, Tweedle Dee and Uptown Pourdown. Next up is a signature tune for Markus called The Neutral Ground; a piece written to sound like an American songbook standard from the earlier part of the 20th century. The moody Blues Bird Jay opens with an extended drum solo introduction and is followed by a searching ballad I'll Remember November. The album closes on a happy note with a piece using a longer three part form which is named Green Light Night.

The musicians unique to these sessions and recording are bassists Lorin Cohen and Christian Dillingham, drummer Charles Health and pianist Ron Perrillo.