The Compass

The Compass is an original by Markus Rutz in honor of his mother. The live track here was the opening tune for the Chicago release concert for BLUEPRINTS Figure 1 Frameworks. The album is from OA2 records in Seattle.

Markus Rutz trumpet, composer
Brice Winston saxophone
Xavier Breaker drums
Marcos Varela bass
Adrian Ruiz piano

Recorded by Jeremy Whetstone at PianoForte in Chicago on October 11, 2019

Sound mixing by David Stoller at The Samurai Hotel recording studio.


A Cidade do Vento (live)


with Adrian Ruiz piano, video by Jay Nicholls.
The duet performance here is from March 2018 at Cafe Hope Chicago.


Stompin' at the Savoy

Stompin' at the Savoy composed by Edgar Sampson Benny Goodman  & Chick Webb

with Adrian Ruiz piano, video by Jay Nicholls.

The duet performance here is from March 2018 at Cafe Hope Chicago.

A Shortstop in Cleveland live at Merriman's Playhouse

A Shortstop in Cleveland is an original song title in honor of baseball great Lou Boudreau and a family relative of trumpet player Markus Rutz.  It features Markus and also Jarrard Harris, sax; Bill Cessna, piano; Chris Nolte, bass and Isaiah Spencer, drums! 

Merriman's Playhouse in South Bend, Indiana is the beautiful venue.

The Musicianer

The Musicianer is bassist Richard Davis. As told to us buy Richard, it was an archaic name his father used to describe his profession. In telling, the life story expressed his appreciation for his parent. The composition itself is an original which follows a familiar AABA form though departs from the usual repetition in the A sections because of the harmony which is unique to the each A for the same melody.


Bronzeville is a Southside neighborhood of Chicago and was historically a jazz and blues enclave for the city. It was there that world renowned bassist Richard Davis began his development in DuSable High School with famed band instructor Captain Walter Dyett. Not much time later, the bossa nova style found its way into American jazz and is the style selected for this composition.  This performance is at a place called the Whistler in a neighborhood of Chicago called Logan Square.

I’ll Remember November

This ballad is a piece I wrote with a time, place and feeling in mind. Years later my youngest sister wrote lyrics to it in honor of my Grandmother and Grandfather. This performance was the debut of the vocals.

The instrumental version was recorded in a studio and was featured here: