Second Impression

Markus Rutz Music 2015

Second Impression


  • Markus Rutz (trumpet and flugelhorn)
  • Brice Winston (tenor and soprano saxophone), Jeff Pedraz (bass) and Dennis Luxion (piano) all tracks
  • Heitor Garcia (percussion) and Pauliho Garcia (acoustic guitar) on tracks 3 & 4
  • Isaiah Spencer (drums) on 1, 2, 6, 8 & 9
  • Greg Artry (drums) on tracks 3, 4, 5 & 7

CD Tracks

  1. Blues Wright from the Prairie
  2. Blue Modes (From the Underdog)
  3. Bronzeville Bossa
  4. Samba of the Big Shoulders
  5. Watching Drye Paint
  6. A Shortstop in Cleveland
  7. Red Beans and Brice
  8. The Pullman Car
  9. A Shortstop in Cleveland (Alternate Take)

Press Quotes

..a tuneful, rhythmically sly twist on mainstream jazz... Rutz has a big, dark tone and a fluid ease to his phrasing that makes him seems relaxed even when unleashing a volley of 16th notes... - J.D. Considine - DownBeat magazine



Second Impression was released January 13, 2015 at the historic Jazz Showcase in the Printer's Row neighborhood of Chicago.

The recording features originally composed music that I wrote largely during the winter vortex of 2013-2014 when many of us across the country were indoors.

The album title Second Impression suggests a few ideas. It is my second recording. Also obvious is the allusion to the concept of a so-called "first impression" and the emphasis placed on this in common thought and speech. My belief is that a first impression of a person is no more than a book cover which can not be judged with any true measure of that person, their character or any of the infinite capabilities we all possess. It is rather when actually spending any time with someone that the Second Impression is formed and you "get to know" someone. Without the effort, willingness and patience to go through this process what you have is merely a series of "Blink" moments as described to us by Malcolm Gladwell in his somewhat recent and important work.

Thus, a title on the recording plays with this theme — Blue Modes (From the Underdog). Some other titles are appreciations of friends and friendships of mine. Red Beans and Brice is titled for saxophonist Brice Winston who graces this recording on tenor and soprano saxophone. Watching Drye Paint is in reference to New York City trumpet player Antoine Drye and the personality of his musicianship.

Also cohesive in the thematic nature of the recording is location. Chicago, Illinois. My place of origin and chosen hometown since age 27, it has been a blessing to be here with friends, family and the community of musicians. The first track Blues Wright from the Prairie is suggestive of architect Frank Lloyd Wright and my good memories of living in the near suburb of Oak Park, Illinois for a decade where the Wright Home and Studio resides. Cousin of my Grandmother, Baseball Hall of Fame player/manager and Chicagoan Lou Boudreau makes an appearance in the tune A Shortstop in Cleveland the team and city where his fame was made before coming home to Chicago as an insightful professional sports announcer.

So it is with expression of these thoughts, experiences and people that I am happy to present Second Impression. I hope that you hear the love and musicianship of the recording.